We visited Tyre on the first of June and had decided to stay at the Palazzo furnished apartment which was more than we had hoped for. We really liked and enjoyed our stay, the place was beyond our expectations, it was fully furnished and equipped but above all very clean.
The apartment consisted of two bedrooms, one of which was a master bedroom and therefore had its own bathroom, another independent bathroom, a fully equipped kitchenette, laundry room and a small, cozy TV room. This apartment is suitable for two couples with two babies.
The Palazzo is situated on a busy street full with various restaurants and caf├ęs.
The police closed the road at 7:00 p.m, in order to enable people to walk and bike freely which is a good initiative that all municipalities should implement and learn from its benefits.
On our first day, we visited the well-known Tyre Rest House, which has the most beautiful beach in Lebanon as far as we’ve visited; clear water, clean sand, well organized and an overall clean resort.
On the second day, we visited the port area which is famous for the number of guest houses and restaurants. You can take a short boat ride and enjoy the port and the old architecture of the area. Tyre is also known for the Christian Quarter with its old houses that were painted in a very colorful way. They did something very beautiful and attractive simply by painting the facade of these homes. You can check out Our Lady of the Sea, made of a modern church and the old church underneath, truly something remarkable. Congratulations to the people who knew how to bring attention and flourish the area.
Later, we headed to Turquoise Resort. A welcoming resort which has nice activities for kids with a huge green area and a swimming pool. It also has access to the beach but unlike Tyre Rest House, Turquoise’s shore has pebbles so not necessarily kid friendly.
Tyre we will be visiting you again for sure for more places and discoveries.
You definitely did not disappoint!


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