Mouhafaza: Mount Lebanon.

Caza: Chouf.

Altitude: 750 Meters.

Area: 120 Hectares.

Coordinates: X: 132 Y: 186.

Line of Fire Distance from the Caza center (Beit el Dine): 9.49 Km.

Distance from the Caza center: 22 Km.

Distance from the Capital: 59 Km.

Geographic Code: 23365.

Roads to get there:

1- Elman – Joun – Savior’s Monastery – Bekifa – Mazmoura – Mazraet el Dahr – Jleiliyeh – Mtolleh.

2- Beit el Dine – Baakline – Gharifeh – Mtolleh.

3- Jezzine – Bisreh – Mazraet el Mathaneh – Savior’s Monastery – Bekifa – Mazmoura – Mazraet el Dahr – Jleiliyeh – Mtolleh.

4- Mokhtara – Beikoun – Bsaba – Mtolleh.

Name’s Origin and Meaning:

1- MTALLA Syriac origin MTALLE means an umbrella or shed shade, or a place to shelter from the heat.

2- Relative to the overlooking location of the town, to Chouf and Jezzine areas.

Archaeological and Heritage Places:

1- Old coffins in the nearby caves.

2- Bzina’s spring.

Religious Places:

1- St. Georges Church – Maronite.

2- Square of the Cross.

Local Festivals and Events:

1- St. George’s Day on April 23rd.

2- Good Friday’s Walk on Good FridayPM.

3- Mary’s Walk, Last Saturday of MayPM.

4- Feast of the Transfiguration on August 6th.

5- Exaltation of the Cross on September 14th.

Educational Institutions:

1- Sisters of Charity School.

2- Former Mtolleh’s Public School.

Most Known Families:

Eid, Youssef, Mansour, Traboulsi, Mikhael, Assad, Jadallah, Zaydan, Hanna, Maroun.

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