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Unfortunately the public transportation in Lebanon is not organized as we would like it to be due to the lack of alternatives such as the subway, trains and of course corruption and political issues.

Most Lebanese people have to take their cars in order to reach their work, go from a region to another, or simply go shopping.

In rare cases you will see a Lebanese (most likely a student or elderly person) taking a bus.
On a bus you will see all foreign workers from different nationalities.

Bus rates are cheap within Beirut and its suburbs, 1$ per ride. A maximum rate of 7$ from Beirut to Tripoli or from Beirut to Sidon.

There are two ways to reach the North, you can go to Charles Helou Station and use the Connexion bus that takes you to Tripoli or you reach Dora's roundabout under the bridge and take a bus to the North (Estephan buses go straight to Bsharri) Pic #1

If you want to go to the South, you have to reach the Cola/Barbir Bridge, and from there take a bus to Sidon. Pic #2

Below is a map that will help you get on the correct bus number within Beirut and its suburbs.

Download Map - Bus routes of greater Beirut and Suburbs

On the map you will find 11 routes, each route in a different color, I will site them below to make reading the map easier:

  • Bus number 1: From Hamra To Khalde
  • Bus number 2: From Hamra To Antelias
  • Bus number 3: From Ain El Mreisse To Dora
  • Bus number 4: From Hamra To Sfeir
  • Bus number 5: From Charles Helou Station To Hay El Selloum
  • Bus number 6: From Dora To Jbeil
  • Bus number 7: From Museum To Baabdat
  • Bus number 8: From Hamra To Fanar
  • Bus number 9: From Barbir To Nahr El Mott
  • Bus number 12: From Hamra To Borj El Brajne
  • Bus number 13: From Charles Helou Station To Cola

Always take the big buses rather than the mini vans as they are safer and a bit cleaner.
If you are in a hurry do not catch the bus.

Charles Helou Bus Station - Connexion buses: Beirut-Tripoli

Pic #1

Pic #2

Government owned buses

In case a taxi is needed you can call this number that belongs to Ragi's Taxi company:

Telephone :09 222 610
Mobile: +961 71 222 610
Website: www.ragitaxi.com
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