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» skiing activity in LEBANON
In winter, you shall first go skiing on this white layer covering all mountains by a splendid veil where sunshine rays glisten.

In the Middle East, Lebanon is the preferable destination for skiing because snow covers its mountains during five months at least and its ski resorts are very well equipped to receive families and groups. Each resort sets its prices but the majority sells the ticket for a whole day at 15 dollars at least and for a half-day (after 1h p.m.) starting from 8 dollars.

The Cedars, Faqra, Qanat Bakich, Zaarour, Laklouk and Faraya, you have to choose one among those many resorts. Even if you don't have the equipments, you can rent it from nearby stores and prices vary according to the region and the equipments. But you can once for all buy what you need before you go to the resorts at the top of the hills.

All resorts provide skiing instructors for adults and children for 15 dollars/hour. You shall go early in the morning before the melting snow under the effect heat make it difficult for you to ski. Who fears to ski or does not have time to learn it, can rent a sleigh for 4 dollars and revive lost childhood. Others just take a cup of tea or coffee at the terrace under the sunlight and in front of the skiers.

After a long day, you can choose to spend the night in a hotel near the resort where all relaxation conditions are ensured. There are also night clubs opening till dawn in a warm atmosphere contrasting with outside. If you are hungry and you prefer a more serene atmosphere, choose a good restaurant offering hot meals and eat peacefully.

Many adventurers like to ski in depths and avoid line up to reach the top of the mountain and follow a fixed track. You can then have a walk and go skiing for 5 dollars, the cost of the equipment rental and 10 dollars if you need a tourist guide who knows well the region and skiing. But don't spend a lot of time amid the exceptional landscape painted by snow because you shall be back to the inhabited areas before 3h p.m. The The sudden change in weather and fog blur the vision and the adventurer may get lost.

Brave and foolhardy adventurers look for thrills and rent a skidoo for 1 dollars/minute. The skidoo let you reach areas you want be able to visit skiing or walking and feel the freezing air on your red cheeks. We tried to sum up the adventure world in Lebanon by few minutes and pictures. It was inaccurate because whoever wants adventures, can find them in each city and village. We went through, described and classified several activities. But according to the Lebanese adage: "It is impossible to compare speeches to pictures". In conclusion, we can say that seeing Lebanon on the screen is totally different than living Lebanon of adventures, exploring its ground and underground, the sea and the sea bed, the coast and mountains. The adventurers does not have boundaries, he challenges the unknown and go straight to the impossible. Lebanon is waiting for you, adventures are waiting for you, what are you waiting for?


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