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Placido Domingo , Zouk Mikael International Festival - [more]
17/07/2011 Till 17/07/2011

Plácido Domingo is a world-renowned, multifaceted artist who is recognised as one of the finest and most influential singing actors in the history of opera. As a singer, Domingo's repertoire encompasses 131 stage roles – a number unmatched by any other celebrated tenor in history. His extensive work in the recording studio has earned him eleven Grammy Awards and two Latin Grammy Awards.

Amongst many of the awards and Doctorates he has received, He has been awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in the United States as well as the titles of Commandant of the Legion of Honor in France and Honorary Knight of the British Empire. He has also received honorary doctorates from Oxford University and New York University for his lifelong commitment and contribution to music and the arts.

Since he was sixteen years old, he has never stopped working, and the more he studies, travels and performs, the more fulfilled he feels. Plácido Domingo was born with an unusually flexible voice, and he learned to use it properly. He has been blessed with very good health and stamina, which has allowed him to be on the go all the time. The greatest pleasure for him has always been, and still is, to make use of these gifts and advantages to give pleasure to others.

Tickets: 300,000LL, 225,000LL, 187500LL, 150,000LL, 112,500LL, 75,000LL, 37,500LL

Najwa Karam - [more]
16/07/2011 Till 16/07/2011

Batroun International Festival 2011
Najwa Karam ...
15/07/2011 Till 15/07/2011

The Gershwin Piano Quartet sheds new light on the music of Gershwin. It features four pianists on four concert grand pianos playing, arranging and improvising on some of Gershwin's most popular songs and orchestral works. Their repertoire also includes important works by Stravinsky, Ravel ... thus creating a lively and highly virtuosic concert evening not to be missed.
The program will feature:
Stravinsky: Petrushka-Suite
Granados: La Maya y el Ruisenor
Wirth: Tango-Fugue on a theme by Astor Piazzolla
Wild: Etude no3 on "The Man I Love" - Etude no 6 on "I Got Rhythm"
Ravel: La Valse
Gershwin: Rhapsody in Blue - Lady Be Good - I Got Rhythm
Porter: Night n' Day ...
Thirty Seconds To Mars - [more]
15/07/2011 Till 15/07/2011

Brace yourself and hold your breath: 30 Seconds to Mars - one of the hottest alternative rock bands on the planet - will be in Byblos for one amazing show! After rocking packed arenas around the world, the award-winning American band will electrify their fans with some of the biggest hits of the last few years. ...
14/07/2011 Till 14/07/2011

After their brilliant performance at Baalbek in 2010, the Boris Eifman Ballet Theatre of Saint-Petersburg will be back this year to present the magnificent ballet Don Quichotte or fantasies of a mad man.
"Don Quixote, or Fantasies of a Madman" is one of Boris Eifman's most enjoyable works, brisk storytelling and lively dance that gingerly sends up classical ballet while providing a reasonably fine modern equivalent. Eifman wakes up the old art like few others, loyal to the tradition while boldly updating its look. In "Quixote," he finds the perfect metaphor, encasing his hero in a framing plot as inmate of an asylum, a way to be faithful to Miguel de Cervantes themes. Not only is this Quixote — danced with brittle zeal and bursting energy, but the approach allows Eifman to craft an earnest plea for the imagination, a lustrous salute to the vision and suffering of all artists." (Chicago Tribune, April 2011) ...
07/07/2011 Till 09/07/2011

A Lebanese musical play entirely live. It is interpreted by Assi el Hallani, Antoine Kerbaje, Carmen Lebbos, Carine Ramia, Nabil Abou Mrad, Ghassan Attieh, Joseph Assaf, Boutros Farah, Khaled el Sayed, Hala el Murr, Sabeh Baaklini, Alain Aye, the music is played by an orchestra of 45 musicians conducted by Maestro Harout Fazlian and the choir of the Antonine Fathers University under the direction of father Toufik Maatouk will complete this ensemble with the participation of an elite of singers, actors and dancers.

All the sets are designed by Rami Sabbagh. The dances are choreographed by Francois Rahme. The costumes design and execution are signed by Faten Mechref from the Caracalla Research Center.

This musical play, which takes place during the conflicts between Saladin and Richard the Lion Heart, highlights the impact of the conflicts that have always existed between East and West and its effect on Lebanon as well as on the region.

The intrigue is an integral part of the piece that has a leading character who is a contemporary writer who decided to continue to write his piece as a musical play titled "From the days of Saladin". He then penetrates his own creation to convince his own characters to negotiate and conclude a final peace between East and West, at the Gates of the City of Peace instead of the historic yet limited truce that resulted between Saladin and Richard the Lion Heart in 1192.

This musical play includes elaborate scenes and songs with a folkloric oriental music without ever forgetting the framework of events; modern audio-visual and lighting effects done by a highly qualified technician team complete this masterpiece. The result that evolves in a piece produced today is fast-paced and quite audacious.

Scorpions At Byblos International Festival - [more]
06/07/2011 Till 07/07/2011

One of the most successful rock bands ever, Scorpions have written the soundtrack to our lives. Hits like "Still Loving You" or "Wind of Change" have stood the test of time to become anthems of at least 3 generations.
These legends will play 2 mind-blowing concerts in Byblos as part of their sold-out farewell tour. They’ve still got the sting and they will "Rock you like a hurricane"!

Concert starts at 8:30pm
Doors open at 7pm
You can start queuing in front of the gate as early as you want, however camping on the premises will not be tolerated

Standing tickets 75 000 LBP / Seated tickets: 150 000 LBP, 105 000 LBP, 60 000 LBP

Please note that, for security reasons, people with seated tickets CANNOT go to the standing area. There will be no exceptions!

Tickets are sold at Virgin Ticketing Box Office: Downtown Beirut, ABC Achrafieh, City Mall Dora, Dar el-Shimal Tripoli, Faqra Club, Saida (Al Ittihad Bookshop), Byblos Venue and Damasquino Mall -Damascus.


Transportation from Beirut: Allô Taxi
Bus roundtrip tickets at 12 000 LBP available at Virgin Megastore
For taxi services call 1213


Place: Byblos International Festival

Date: 6-7 July 2011

Time: 8:30 P.M

Moby At Byblos International Festival - [more]
05/07/2011 Till 05/07/2011

With over 20 million albums sold worldwide and hundreds of commercials and films using his songs, Moby is widely acclaimed as one of the most important figures in electronic music. Pushing boundaries with his mix of ambient electronica, blues, and rock, he is set to deliver an explosive live performance.

Concert starts at 8:30pm

Doors open at 7pm

Standing tickets 75 000 LBP / Seated tickets: 150 000 LBP, 105 000 LBP, 60 000 LBP

Please note that, for security reasons, people with seated tickets CANNOT go to the standing area. There will be no exceptions!

Tickets are sold at Virgin Ticketing Box Office: Downtown Beirut, ABC Achrafieh, City Mall Dora, Dar el-Shimal Tripoli, Faqra Club, Saida (Al Ittihad Bookshop), Byblos Venue and Damasquino Mall – Damascus.


Transportation from Beirut: Allô Taxi

Bus roundtrip tickets at 12 000 LBP available at Virgin Megastore

For taxi services call 1213


Place: Byblos International Festival

Date: 5 July 2011

Time: 8:30 P.M

Dhour Shweir 2011 Festival - [more]
03/07/2011 Till 21/08/2011

50th Shweir Emigrants Festival Program ...
Don Quixote - [more]
28/06/2011 Till 03/07/2011

A musical play by Marwan, Ghadi and Oussama Rahbani. Based on Cervantes' literary masterpiece, Don Quixote is an epic musical play created by Marwan, Ghadi and Oussama Rahbani for the opening of Byblos 2011. Don Quixote's idealism clashes with Lebanese realities in this huge theatrical sensation starring Rafic Ali Ahmad, Hiba Tawaji and Paul Sleiman.

Dear friends, With the beginning of every summer, we gather at Byblos, this ancient city that has given its name to the Holy Bible, educated mankind, proclaimed civilization and spread alphabet and knowledge in the whole world.

The new play we will be presenting this season at the opening of Byblos International festival is inspired by the most renowned novel in the world: "Don Quixote" by Cervantes: a Literary wonder that achieved international fame just like the "Iliad" by Homer, the "Divine Comedy" by Dante, "Faust" by Goethe, and "Romeo and Juliet" By Shakespeare. And if we wanted to sum up this novel with one word, it would be "Sarcasm", as it is the most sarcastic and satirical novel in western literature. Yet, stories that make people laugh make them weep too.

Why " Don Quixote" ? … And why today? Because it is the time to dream, and what is a dream but a representation of truth and reality. "Don Quixote" or "Don Assaad Quixote" as he is named in the play, tried to sow dreams of change in the minds and spirits of his people; but he came up against a sad and ugly truth: some societies do not desire to change, and latch onto their diseases, hungering for corruption and following their leaders' whims.

"Don Quixote" is a play that verges on dreams and fantasy, and that is presented with a revolutionary vision. We set off from our environment, our country, and our reality to travel through a story that sheds light on corruption and injustice through an errant knight in love with his imaginary Dulcinea, whom he reverts back to purity after society had corrupted her.

And here is the shameful equation: who is the victim and who is the oppressor, the people or the rulers? At times, they are both partners in crime. We have taken the essence of the story and presented it in a play, which we introduced to you the general guidelines, leaving the details and dramatic an comic incidents for the performance. With a new vision in direction, great production, dramatic script and lyrics, and dazzling composition and performance, this play will come to life with a high tech mobile décor, futuristic costumes, captivating choreography, and elite artists.

The concept and music are signed by Oussama Rahbani, the book and lyrics by Ghadi Rahbani, the direction by Marwan Rahbani, and the production by Byblos International Festival and Oussama Rahbani. We hope "Don Quixote" will be a new and innovative version of the novel that has taught generation after generation, The first generation met "Don Quixote" with laughter. The second met it with a smile. The third met it with tears. We hope that our people meet it with a pinch of conscience, to change the inhuman and unjust situations prevailing in our modern society.

Beiteddine Art Festival 2011 - [more]
24/06/2011 Till 04/08/2011

Beiteddine Art Festival 2011 ...
Jounieh International Festival 2011 - [more]
24/06/2011 Till 03/07/2011

Jounieh International Festival 2011 Program. ...
Rafting Adventure - [more]
19/06/2011 Till 19/06/2011

Date: Sunday 19 of june
Location: Assi River
Calls Us on: 961 71 44 33 23 ...
Jazirit Al Aranib - [more]
12/06/2011 Till 12/06/2011

Celebrate the summer opening
Date: Sunday 12 June
Location: Mina - Tripoli
Price: 55$
Call us on +961 71 44 33 23 ...


Batroun Bsharre Ehden Tripoli Zgharta


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