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Daily Lebanese Music Program at Khan El Mir - [more]
01/01/2013 Till 31/12/2013

An old Khan of the 18th century that was renovated and transformed into a restaurant with a central patio planted with Jasmine. Located in the Heart of Zouk Mikael, with extraordinary surroundings, and a wonderful old souk that offers the best of Lebanese treasures, festivals and atmospheres.
Khan El Mir offers a formula set of Lebanese Mezzes, with live Lebanese Music keeping you up late at night. ...
Everyday rafting ,camping,night raft - [more]
01/01/2013 Till 31/12/2014

Jannat Al Assi
Pub and restaurant
Hermel - Bekaa - Lebanon
Cel: 961 3 454980 // 961 3 013203 
Website: www.jannatalassi.com
1300m After the Assi Bridge
Everyday rafting ,camping, night raft
Two And a half hours divided into 3 stages, 3 km, 8km, 10km
Spend a whole day + lunch + dinner+ sleep over
Night raft,  hicking, volleyball, tug of war, horse back riding
Open 24 hours

Spend a wonderful weekend in bsharre at the Bauhaus - [more]
01/01/2013 Till 31/12/2013

BAUHAUS TOURIST COMPOUND is established in 1940 & lying in one of the most amazing Tourist Regions in Lebanon: BESHARRY 'AL-ARZ" with relaxing cozy & distinguished location.

A VIEW TO NATURE overlooking the mountain above & the valleys below. Just at only 5 minutes drive to the Cedars Forest (which is known as "The Cedars of the Lord"), to the Sacred Valley of Qannoubine or to Qadeesha Grotto, .. and 1Km only to the Museum of Gibran Khalil Gibran.

The appartment building contains a hairdresser for both men and women; Wireless connection in all chalets.There is a pharmacy right next door to the appartment building, a restaurant and a supermarket within walking distance. Access to historical places is easy and affordable. ...
Looking for a change, check the Ramlieh Youth Hostel - [more]
01/01/2013 Till 31/12/2013

Located in a pristine, small forest in the quaint village of Ramlieh in the Aley District, Ramlieh Hostel offers unique accommodation with 22 rooms. All rooms are furnished and provided with sheets and towels, closets, air conditioning and heating systems.

Taste and enjoy local traditional meals. Breakfast is included in price.

Groups could be provided with self catering kitchen to prepare their own cuisines.

The hostel contains sufficient facilities for conferences and other working groups. Internet is available.

15 minutes away from the El Shouf Cedar Reserve, you can here enjoy different outdoor, natural, cultural and recreational activities and adventures:

- Rappelling at different heights (12 to 50 meters)
- Guided hiking tours: explore the nature; walk on old trails with eco guides, or on your own.
- More adventures with High ropes activities... sky walking at more than 12 meters high
- Experiential learning and teambuilding activities and others       
Enjoy your Stay at San Stephano Resort Batroun - [more]
01/01/2013 Till 31/12/2013

Batroun today is witnessing a major tourist boom. Old sandstone houses are being restored, historic monuments are being enhanced and renovated by the municipality, and the private sector is making new investments in the hospitality services sector . All signs indicate that Batroun is once again a top contender on the national tourist map. ...
Free Entrance for all the family - [more]
29/09/2012 Till 30/09/2012

06/09/2012 Till 06/09/2012

Get ready for a new dimension in live entertainment! Red Hot Chili Peppers, America's coolest and most exciting band, are coming to Beirut Waterfront on Thursday September 6 for the biggest rock concert Lebanon has ever witnessed. With 7 Grammy Awards and combined record sales of 100 million, these Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees are one of the most commercially successful and musically influential bands of all time. Famous for their mindblowing live shows, the Red Hot Chili Peppers will be performing in the region for the first time and playing some of their greatest hits: "Give It Away", "Californication", "By The Way", "Under the Bridge" and "The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie" to name just a few.


Location: Beirut Waterfront
Time: 8:30

Peace Festival.. "3eesho MA3NA El Salem"‏ - [more]
24/08/2012 Till 26/08/2012

ehmej Festival 2012 - [more]
16/08/2012 Till 19/08/2012

Place: Ehmej, Jbeil

Date: From 16th till 19th of August 2012

Organizers: Ehmej Municipality


Ehmej Festival takes place at full green zone in Mount Lebanon, the festival's aims are to boost tourism, promote the Lebanese culture, and spread music and art from Jbeil Caza to the rest of the Lebanese area.


This year, Ehmej Fetival proudly presents 4 Stars in 4 Days:

  • Melhem Zain - August 16

  • Hicham El Hage - August 17

  • Mou3in Chreif - August 18

  • Najwa Karam - August 19


Lebanese music fans are invited to attend this exceptional week and explore in the same time the amazing and beautiful portrait of Ehmej.


How to get at Municipality:

Take the north highway leading to Jbeil, once there exit the highway and take the internal road that climb toward Ehmej going through the following villages: Hboub, Braij, Raas Osta, Annaya, Kfarbaal, Ehmej.


Take the north highway and exit in Naher Ibrahim, the road goes through the following villages: Bir el Heyt, Kouu el Mashnaka, Kartaba, Mazraeet el Siyed, Laklouk, Ehmej.

Melhem Zein & Najwa Karam, Faqra - [more]
28/07/2012 Till 28/07/2012

Location: Faqra Ruins
Time: 8:30, PM
Tickets: 30,000 | 60,000 | 90,000 | 120,000

Layali el souk al atik - Zouk Mikael - [more]
26/07/2012 Till 05/08/2012

Beach Party at San Stephano, July 25 - [more]
25/07/2012 Till 25/07/2012

Batroun in Guinness - [more]
08/07/2012 Till 08/07/2012

Batroun has always been famous for its lemonade, and for that purpose we,the Batroun Traders Association are aiming this year (the 8th of July 2012) at entering the Guinness World Record, for making the worlds's biggest glass of lemonade.

The idea is to gather about 100 persons in the main street of Batroun and begin in squeezing the lemonade under supervision of professionals to make the most big enough quantity to have a new record.

Jounieh International Festival2012 - [more]
29/06/2012 Till 08/06/2012



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