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Hasbaya Situated about 36 miles to the west of Damascus, at the foot of Mount Hermon, overlooking a deep amphitheatre from which a brook flows to the Hasbani. In 1911, the population was about 5000... Jeita Grotto Few caverns in the world approach the astounding wealth or the extent of those of Jeita. In these caves and galleries, known to man since Paleolithic times, the action of water has created cathedral-like vaults beneath the wooded hills of Mount Lebanon... Jizzine Jezzine (Jezzine), 22 km from Saidon (Saida, Sidon), is the most famous summer and touristic resort of South Lebanon because of its beautiful landscape and its 40m high waterfalls. Jounieh Jounieh is a Mediterranean costal city about 15 km north of Beirut. This is the city of ancient civilizations and a modern business center for the today visionary entrepreneur. Koura Koura is one of the 26 districts of Lebanon, which is very popular for the olive tree cultivation. It is known by its green color. A total of 52 villages make up the Koura area (173 km2). Qadisha Valley Qadisha, one of the deepest and most beautiful valleys in Lebanon, is indeed a world a part. At the bottom of this wild steep-sided gorge runs the Qadisha River whose source is in the Qadisha Grotto at the foot of the Cedars. And above the famous Cedar ... Sidon This city, 48km south of Beirut, has one of the most famous names in history but its past has been plundered by time and by invader. Sidon was inhabited as early as 4000 B.C. and today is home to a Crusader fortress that rises out of the sea... Tripoli Tripoli is known as the capital of North Lebanon. From the beginning, Tripoli was an unusual city due to its configuration; for it was not one city but three cities in one – hence the name Tri-Poli. Tyre One of the most important cities of the ancient world. 83km south of Beirut, Tyre was founded after Sidon in the 3rd millennium BC. It originally consisted of a mainland settlement and an island city, but these were joined in the 4th century ... Zahle Zahle enjoys a prime location in the Beqaa valley. Snowcapped mountains tower above it in winter, while in summer its 945 meter elevation keeps the air light and dry. Zgharta Zawie The county ("caza" in Arabic ) of Zgharta-Zawieh covers two areas , the zawieh and the jurd. The word "zawie" in Arabic means the "corner"; and this region was named zawie because it was towards the end of the northern ...


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