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» Lebanese Ski Resorts
Lebanese Ski Resorts
Date: 23 January 2017
By: (Escapes)
Source: Beiruting.com

Sure Lebanon is small. That’s not news! However, despite its small size, we have A LOT going on! Let’s take the winter season. The range of beautiful and large mountains do not fail to impress.


Most Lebanese people share this desire in common and that is that they simply cannot wait to head over to the ski slopes during the winter season. Here is a list (not in order) of our beautiful snowy covered ski resorts:


1.Mzaar Kfardebian Ski Resort

Mzaar Ski Resort is widely known as the Middle East's largest ski resort. The resort has 42 slopes and 80 kilometers of ski tracks. For advanced skiers looking to explore the entire resort, hiring a guide to show you the best and most exciting areas is an option.

There are 19 different lifts that take you to slopes ranging from Beginner to Advanced.

Base altitude: 1830 m.



2.Zaarour Club

Located to the south of all other resorts, Zaarour Club is distanced 35 km from Beirut which is about a 35minute drive. Zaarour club is the closest ski resort to Beirut. Zaarour club offers endless activities all year round to meet everyone’s interests.

There are 6 different lifts ranging from Beginner to Advanced.

Base altitude: 1700 m.



3.Laklouk Village 

LaqlouqVacances Villages is a winter and summer resort. Its first ski resort was installed in 1958 followed by major enhancements to the slopes and the creation of a very qualified ski school.

There are 6 different lifts that take you to the slopes ranging from Beginner to Avanced.

Base altitude: 1650 m



4.The Cedars 

The Cedars resort is located in the North of Lebanon. Skiers came to the resort as early as 1920, and have been returning there ever since. The first lift was installed by the government in 1953.Since located at high altitude (2000m), the Cedars resort has a slightly longer season than the others. There are 5 different lifts ranging from Beginner to Advanced.

Base altitude: 1950 m.



5.Faqra Club 

Started in 1974, Faqra Club, located in the village of Kfardebian, is made of nicely designed chalets and beautiful gardens unveiling hundreds of colors in the summer.

There are 4 different lifts ranging from Beginner to Advanced.

Base altitude: 1735 m.


6.Qanat Bakish 

QanatBakish is an old village that is definitely worth visiting. It is one of the best preserved towns in Lebanon. The first ski lift was built in 1967, and since then the resort has been developing to host more skiers.

Snow Land Hotel Management took over 12 years ago and has been working to strive ever since.

There are 5 different lifts ranging from Beginner to Advanced.

Base altitude: 1910 m.


Source: www.skileb.com

Lebanese Ski Resorts

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