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» 18 Things You'll Never Hear A Lebanese Person Say
18 Things You'll Never Hear A Lebanese Person Say
Date: Friday, September 23, 2016
By: Lama Hajj
I mean, you might - I’m no clairvoyant.

1. That's way too much food!

2. I’ve tanned enough this year.

3. I should leave now so I make it on time.

4. Should we walk to [insert location]?

5. Cops make an honest living!

6. I wish there were more motorcycles on the road, and vans!

7. That car crash was my fault, I was speeding and there’s no conspiracy.

8. You know what we need? More sushi restaurants. 

9. I’m going to be level-headed and let that car pass by first.

10. We need another mall. 

11. We have a plentiful supply of water.

12. Honestly, hummos isn’t that great.

13. I love driving around the city to clear my head.

14. This cab smells great!

15. Who is Tiesto?

16. I don’t have a strong political opinion.

17. Valet parking is such a great deal!

18. I just bought my first apartment without selling kidneys and/or applying for billions of loans!

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